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Customers looking for apartments at Lake Balaton usually indicate the location of the property as the most important aspect. It is a natural demand, since no matter if it is purchased for a family summer house or as an investment, the proximity of the lake is an attractive characteristic for everyone.

There are only very few holiday parks with direct connection to the lake on the southern shore. Since there isn’t another property that has big enough direct connection to the shore, similar holiday parks to Lela won’t be built in large numbers. 

Buying an apartment in Holiday Park Lela is a great opportunity for those, who love luxury, quality, and unique experience, and want to create a peerless feeling of life for themselves or for their family.

To whom we recommend it?

I recommend the property to all those who are dedicated fans of the Lake. Who want to marvel Balaton and all its natural wonders at any time of the day. To admire the varied terrain of the northern shore, or just watch the surface of the water which is sometimes smooth as glass, sometimes rippling. Maybe also feel the smell of the water, listen to the sound of the waves or watch the beautiful sunset! Holiday Park Lela is a special experience, rare opportunity, and good investment.

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