• 11 MAY 16

    Condominium on stabile foundation

    Condominium on stabile foundation
    The "LELA APARTMENTS & RESIDENCE" pile foundation construction of 83 flats has started.

    It is generally known that the grounding near to Balaton must be planed and selected with caution because of the very poor solid conditions that occur in the area. The building area of the mentioned condominium is situated directly on the shore of Lake Balaton; because of this the testing of the soil was extremely important. Not only soil test report and geotechnical planning statement was made, but soil mechanic labor test as well.

    According to the permit plans of the building, the structural designer determined the burden values of the foundation.  The proposal of the geotechnical foundation and the structural diagnosis both voted for the pile foundation. The planning followed this direction and a specialist company and a specialized designer was involved. Since only a small amount of drilling hits the surface, we also protect the environment at the same time.

    The pilling was made with special technology and equipment fleet so the load-bearing capacity could be improved and safety could be increased. Thanks to the special shaping of the drill head, the used technology has soil compacting effects, the load-bearing increased comparing to the diameter of the pile.

    The high costs of the foundation are going to pay off in the stability and security of the building, which will be free of sinking and cracks as well.

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